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Thread: Camden Drags: 1st & 2nd Sept 2012

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    anyone was there??
    "I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner but the most exciting way"

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    Oh gosh fellas ah get nuff talk from dem Evo girls, but they had a valid point, all the scooby big power men focus on bashing other scooby owers (TS) "and afraid to compete against others" WORDS of the Evo Girls won't called names, but they all give meh it good.

    Other than that the GC8 and the White Peanut Eye ran very well, 11's and 12's

    Fastest time was 9's by a box lancer

    Boost Factory car had a VERY LOUD KAHHHHBOOOM when warming up also left some scrap metal on the track. He was out

    Mad cow also blow something, he made an instant U-turn after the burn out and head into the pits.

    TS men their is hope a skyline was doing 15's/16's alyuh could beat dat (Romany wit de turbo 1.5)...................

    it had some great runs next time i'm going general the view is perfect from their.
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